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Welcome to the start of your culinary experience!

Your Servitors/Chefs/Instructors

Chrishands' Catering LLC. was founded with many goals in mind...but the main goal and now mission, is to create the opportunity for aspiring Chefs to gain the experience and confidence needed to succeed in the industry of Culinary. As we grow, we hope to intern and employ aspiring students and graduates. In alignment with our mission, we offer to you the opportunities to

1. Sharpen your culinary skills by participating in an interactive cooking class, 
2. Widen your tasting experience by providing weekly meal drop-off service.
3. Providing a customized menu for any catering event.

These three experiences provides to the aspiring Chef to opportunity to sharpen ones costing, budget, menu creation, plating skills and more!

Meet your Chefs!

Chef Christmas

A native of New Orleans, La., Christmas is a self-taught Chef whose passion for cooking was ignited through her experience gained from working in various genres of restaurants as management. She has over 15 years of culinary management, over 5 years of Personal Chef experience and 7 years of Culinary instruction experience. Her wide-range of experience makes her a well-rounded and client focused, Mentor, Owner and Proprieter.

Chef Michelle

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Michelle moved to the South, determined to expand her interests in Culinary. She is a graduate of the Art Institute Houston, and has over 13 years of Culinary experience serving in multiple roles within the industry. Having served as Lead Cook, Lead Chef, Sous Chef, Personal Chef and now Owner and Proprieter of Chrishands' Catering LLC., she is now committed to ensuring that every experience will exceed your expectations and will leave a lasting impression.