Asian Cooking Class

Hot and Sour Soup With shiitake mushrooms, tofu, rice vinegar, chili garlic sauce and ginger

Shrimp Toast

Sesame Chicken 

Vegetable Fried Rice 

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...And the verdict is!!!

We booked an Asian Affair Private Dinner for my husband's 66th birthday. We wanted an intimate affair for my husband, my twin boys and myself. My only request was...
"we love SPICY food!" The Chef's did not disappoint! We were able to watch them create each course, while they were very enthusiastic about answering our questions to learn more about each of their professional backgrounds. We were so impressed, that we have decided to gift the boys with regular skills cooking lessons to prepare them for college living!

Megan, Montrose- Houston, TX. 07-16-21

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Thanks again for such an amazing meal! You guys did an awesome job and  made our night unforgettable! I will definitely be contacting you again!

Jasmine 02/13/21

Houston, TX.