Chrishands' Catering can accommodate all dietary needs! We offer catering services, meal preparation, cooking classes, daily meal delivery and pack and ship services. Let us help you WOW your guests! Eating alone? Check out our daily delivery menu!

Meal Preparation

Quantity Preparation fee Serving Size
1st Meal $100 1-8
2nd Meal + $75 1-8
3rd Meal $55 1-8

Menu ingredients are the responsibility of the client. Menu ingredients are accessed as a $75.00 shopper's fee at the time of booking. The shopping fee is inclusive of the select menu ingredients, packaging materials and delivery.  If menu items exceed the shopper's fee of by $10, the client is responsible for reimbursing  the chef for difference of the purchased items which will be invoiced once service is rendered. 

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"Christmas consistently provides tasty dishes with a wide variety of menu options. Her communication is spectacular and has facilitated our efforts to eat healthier on a regular basis. We are very grateful for her and her dishes!" 

Aaron S.

Christmas' food tastes like home! We're both from New Orleans and her Cajun flavors are on point. However she has a wide repertoire of delicious dishes to choose from. My favorite is the Hoisin chicken meatballs! Furthermore, Christmas is flexible and creative with our weekly meal planning. Her service has been a life saver for our busy work schedules. 

Christina L.